If you have just bought a new mirror online or have been given one as a present by a friend or relative then you may now be wondering what to do with it in terms of where it can go in your home. If so, then do not despair as you have a number of viable options open to you. With large mirrors they can really transform a room and make the best use of light entering the room. Therefore, you can look around your property to find some space on a wall that could do with brightening up a bit. When it comes to decoration, depending on the type of large mirror you have got, it can be used to enhance the décor within a room. You may wish to place the large mirror in the living room for everyone to see, or you could put it up in your bedroom, making it easier for you to see your reflection when you get ready. It is important to think carefully about where this large mirror would look best and enable you to get the most out of it in terms of adding a feeling of space to a room where it is housed.