At Exclusive Mirrors we predict big things for oval mirrors in 2015. Not only are mirrors a necessity in your home they can also add a decorative flair to your wall. Oval mirrors are perfect if you wish to create a decorative focal point in your home.

Oval mirrors are exceptionally versatile and can be placed in just about any room in your home. In this guide we offer some styling tips on ways to hang oval mirror in your home design.

Feature it above a sink or dressing table

Traditionally we would see square and rectangular mirrors being featured in our homes. However recently we have seen a shift towards softer more delicate shapes such as oval and round. An oval mirror would make the perfect bathroom mirror featured above a sink.

The oval mirror is able to create a fluid tranquil feel which is what many of us desire in our bathrooms. Additionally the mirror is able to stand out from all the other sharp straight lines in your room therefore would make a wonderful focal point. An oval mirror would also make a great alternative dressing table mirror.

Simply hang the mirror on the wall above your dressing table to create a stunning centrepiece. Oval mirrors have an elegant sophisticated feel, perfect if you’re looking to create a shabby chic French style boudoir in your bedroom. However try to stay clear of large oval mirrors that are bigger than your dressing table these will not only look out of place they can also overpower your space.

Hang it landscape

Add a stylish twist to your home décor by featuring your oval mirror on its side. Traditionally we would hang mirrors portrait however hanging your oval mirror sideways has many added benefits. The mirror can now be hung in your dining room or even above your fireplace as an overmantle mirror this will create a wonderful centrepiece in your living space. The mirror is also able to reflect key pieces such as chandeliers and wall art helping to add structure to your room.

What’s more a large oval mirror hung landscape can also create the illusion of increased space, perfect for smaller sized living spaces. If you have a plain wall use a mirror with a decorative frame. However if you have a pattered wall stick to simple frames to avoid clashing decors.

Enhance Light

Use your oval mirror strategically in living spaces with limited natural daylight. This can be done by placing the oval mirror on a wall that is facing a window or on a wall that is able to reflect the light source, this will allow the mirror to project the light round your room.

Oval mirrors can also be used in rooms in your home that have very little natural light this will create a soft, captivating atmosphere in the room whilst also helping to improve visibility.

Piece with other oval mirrors

Oval mirrors offers fluidity to your home décor, this can be used to your advantage to create an effortless focal point on your wall. Oval mirrors have a fairytale enhanced feel to them piece multiple oval mirrors on your wall to create a dramatic look.

You can choose to arrange the mirror side by side to create a structured feel or hang them wherever you choose to create a modern, stylish feel. To create a rustic feel opt for wooden framed oval mirrors or for a contemporary feel choose black framed oval mirrors. As oval mirrors are less bulky and many fit seamlessly against your wall you may wish to piece multiple oval mirrors with other decorative items such as wall art.

Position it in your hallway

Hallways mirrors are both practical and stylish and can instantly enhance the look of your entrance. Oval mirrors are the perfect mirror to use in your hallway as they can help to create depth this is perfect for small or long and narrow hallways that require that feeling of increased space.

What’s more they also serve as a practical solution for letting you have a quick glance before you leave the house. Oval mirrors are used in the discipline of Feng Shui due to the fact they move the flow of energy around your room. Placing an oval mirror in your hallway would help push positive flowing energy throughout your home!

Our top pick oval mirrors

Our mirror experts have selected their 5 favourite oval mirrors offering you inspiration for your own home design

Cameo style Avila mirror-£134

EE2262 Yearn Glass Art 73 Silver86 x 66 cm        


Mary oval silver mirror-£140 

EE1552 Marland Silver Mirror127 x 89cm              

Novo cheval mirror-£183.50



Yearn glass silver ornate glits- £121.55

EE2783 Yearn Glass YG 0826 Gold Ornate Gilts 28 x 17cm              

Oval pyramid mirror- £191.25

EE2567 Oval Pyramid Mirror 120 x 80cm