When most people think about a full length mirror they may not immediately think of something that can be used as a decorative object to enhance a room, more of a functional item to be used to use when dressing or grooming in the bedroom. However, there are many other benefits to hanging these mirrors. Full length mirrors can make for a beautiful addition to a room and really provide a good focal point, while creating a sense of openness too. These mirrors can be hung up in a dining room, lounge or in the hallway. In fact there are many places where a full length mirror would be ideal as a suitable decorative object. As you would go about placing artwork, you should seriously consider where in the room would be best to get the most out of it. It is important to maximise the beauty of the mirror, so it may be a good decision to position it opposite a window to bring more light into the room. The large size of these full length mirrors makes the most out of the light in any room and can give the impression of spaciousness, yet still looking stylish at the same time.