One of the most important mirrors in you home is located in the bathroom. We all like to look good and the only way we can check to see we meet our own expectations is to look in a mirror. Bathroom mirrors can help when you are: • Putting on make-up • Shaving • Washing • Brushing teeth • Checking skin complexion • Styling hair • Styling eyebrows Most of us don’t even appreciate how often we use a mirror and will often look in a mirror many times over the course of a day without even realising it. A bathroom mirror can do much more than simply showing you a reflection of yourself. Some bathroom mirrors also feature something which many people crave in a bathroom – that much needed storage space. Bathroom cabinets can feature a mirror but also have all the space you need for your bathroom condiments. And when the bathroom cabinet door is closed everything can be stored out of sight making your bathroom a chic place to be. Some of the latest bathroom mirrors also feature built-in lighting so that you don’t have to rely on the conventional lighting in the room and can hence get a clearer, more accurate, view of your reflection.