Window mirrors are becoming increasingly prevalent in the home. From home décor websites to magazines, decorative window mirrors are fast becoming a must have item and can add a touch of style and intrigue to your home. They are versatile and elegant and look great in both small and larger spaces, adding interest and detail to a room in a way that is more unique and creative than simply adding a picture frame. Opening Small Spaces There’s no denying that a wall window mirror has many benefits for a smaller home, particularly in apartments which have been converted from larger houses and may not feature as many windows as you’d like. Adding a window mirror might not give you the views of an actual window but can certainly add perspective to a room and give the illusion of more light and space. It’s a simple trick that can make your smaller home feel more spacious and will be worth the investment. Unique Focal Points for Large Spaces A decorative wall mirror may appear to be simple but can actually add a lot of interest to a room and give it a unique and on-trend look that gives your home something extra, and will be sure to impress friends and guests. A window mirror with shutters for example looks quaint and elegant and placed above dressing tables, shelving or a chest of drawers provides the perfect place to add flowers or ornaments to create a feature, rather than just being a standalone item. Use your creativity to create a focal point which is personal and striking and show off your interior decorating flair. As a simple and affordable way to transform a room, you should definitely give it a try this spring. Understated Elegance Decorative window mirrors with the right frame can be charming and elegant, both in contemporary and in more classically designed interiors. A simple white or cream framed window mirror for example, gives a clean, pure touch that whilst looks plain to begin with, once put on a wall can really transform a room. This mirror style would look especially effective in a kitchen and will be easy to coordinate with your existing colours. Finishing Touches Even small window mirrors can make a style statement. Perfect for adding a finishing touch to a hallway, corridor or bathroom they will be sure to reflect the light and make the space more open. Choose round mirror frames for a simple look or use longer frames if you’ve got a larger space to fill. As there are a number of mirror frame styles available, you can find a window mirror that fits in with your existing décor and colour scheme without having to make a drastic change. If a stylish window mirror sounds like the perfect piece of décor for you – check out Exclusive Mirror’s complete range here.