Champagne Mirrors

Our champagne mirrors range is for customers searching for a luxurious, timeless feel to their interiors. Possibly one of the most versatile mirror finishes a champagne mirror will shimmer hints of gold and silver when touched by the light. The warm tone of a champagne mirror is one that will create a cosy feel in any room. Its timeless appeal means it has always been a popular choice for furniture and home accessories therefore our selection of champagne mirrors spans a range of styles and sizes. Whether you have a contemporary or more traditional décor you are certain to find a champagne finished mirror that will complement your existing interior. Gaining popularity for its lavish connotations the champagne mirror is one that is usually featured alongside other furniture to create a wonderful focal point that oozes elegance and charm. We are pleased to offer an extensive range of champagne mirrors in a variety of styles and finishes from the more minimal designs to the decorative, embellished styles. 

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